Summer Mini Sessions here in Seoul, Portrait Photography for those on the move.

What are Summer Mini Sessions?

Basically, my mini sessions are portrait photography, focused and compacted into a bite size amount of time that gives all the benefits of a full length session, but eats up less of your day.

In my work with film directors, influencers, bloggers and travelers here in Seoul, I’ve found that my clients often don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to photography, but want the professional quality, the aesthetic and the standards that I bring to my work. In the digital age of instant social media, they can’t be bothered with packages, price lists and options.

Who is this aimed at? Everyone. Families, friends, tourists, locals, anyone who wants memories captured. This is how you get those amazing profile pictures for social media, how you show your friends how amazing your travels were, how capture those moments spent with your best friends, little ones of significant others. All in a compact, bite size offering, easy to schedule, and simple to do,

This is what the specifics look like:

If you’re interested, please do contact me and we can figure out the specifics from there 🙂 have a great summer -T

About Seoul photographer Tim Van Der Merwe

Photographer Tim Van Der Merwe services Seoul and her greater area, with a primary focus on portraiture, couple and pre-wedding photography. His photographic style is inherently influenced by photo-journalism, with a love of genuine emotion and untouched, moments of humanity and expression. The aesthetics of his photographs are informed from years as a musician, a love of the ocean, an appreciation for a wabi-sabi outlook on life, and a love of strong colouring. If you are looking for a Seoul photographer, you can view his portfolio here, view his recent work here, or get in contact with him here.