shenzhen in summer

a collection of photographs from the summer of ’23, shot on a mix of cinestill, portra and lomo 400 film. shenzhen is an interesting place, a beautiful, modern city, with a really high quality of life. but somewhat devoid of  a sense of culture and history owing to its rapid development.

these photographs really center around shenzhen bay and the beautiful boardwalk, probably since my own connection to water is what draws me to it. i plan next to capture the views just a few streets back, that make a stark contrast to this set of images.



tim van der merwe is based between shenzhen, southern china and seoul, south korea. the aesthetics of his photographs are drawn from his background as a musician, the last decade living in asia, and colouring that reflects the atlantic, whose coast he grew up near. he values calm moments, quiet simplicity, and authentic expression, elements that he seeks to portray in all of his photographs.