session info

let’s be honest, you’re here right now because you’re looking for a photographer that you feel is a good fit for you. most of my clients are those who contact me for photographs because they connect with the style of my work.
it’s something i take a lot of pride in.


...and my surname is impossible to pronounce, largely because i'm from cape town, south africa. fun fact, my grandmother had lion cubs as pets when she was a little girl. i'm a photographer based in seoul, in addition to being a third grade teacher. i'm a lover of warm weather, being near the ocean and sitting around a fire.

i like to shoot with natural light, and i love to play with shadows. i love photography as an art form, and i love photographing people. i love the ocean, the blues, browns, greens and whites that colour it. i adore little imperfections, as they make things real and honest.

i like grain on my photos, and pay tribute to film with my digital work, particularly kodak portra. i still shoot dslrs, because they feel real (and because of the excellent image quality).
i like to think that happiness is a state of mind.

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA 010.2238.2017