I love analog photography. I bought an F100 just as the summer was starting. It arrived from Japan, accompanied with a nice little handwritten note from the seller, and the 4 films I purchased off gmarket arrived a few days later. Set. It went on two trips, a shoot with a client, and accompanied me as I wondered around Seoul.


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I honestly had no idea how the pictures were going to come out. I was trusting the camera’s metering, and the rave reviews on the internet, and had full faith in my lenses (the F100 is compatible with my G series lenses – the lenses I use on my DSLR). But there’s something about having to put your trust in your gut instincts, and trust the light. It’s fun, it’s a total switch off from all the immediacy that comes with digital, and it clearly showed where I had flaws in my technique, or where I understood what I was doing.

Street & Shoot

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It reminds me a lot of the the differences between playing acoustic guitar, or electric. Although the difference for me, is that while I’ve always been a acoustic first guy, spending the summer shooting film rather had me appreciating the ridiculous capabilities and opportunities that my DSLR gives me.

Nami Island

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About Seoul photographer Tim Van Der Merwe

Seoul photographer Tim Van Der Merwe services Seoul and her greater area, with a primary focus on portraiture, couple and pre-wedding photography. His photographic style is inherently influenced by photo-journalism, with a love of genuine emotion and untouched, moments of humanity and expression. The aesthetics of his photographs are informed from years as a musician, a love of the ocean, an appreciation for a wabi-sabi outlook on life, and a love of strong colouring. If you are looking for a Seoul photographer, you can view his portfolio here, view his recent work here, or get in contact with him here.