Home. I have been away. I apologise to those who read my blog, or follow my work, I’ve only been posting to instagram, largely due to the convenience. That will change now, or at least soon. I’m back, or at least in the process of getting back.

Where have I been? Home. I’ve been reading, writing music, and listening to the waves break at night when I go to sleep. I’ve been spending much needed time with those I love, and showing another part of my heart my home. And I’ve been taking pictures of the ocean.

Home. Rest.

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About Seoul photographer Tim Van Der Merwe

Seoul photographer Tim Van Der Merwe services Seoul and her greater area, with a primary focus on portraiture, couple and pre-wedding photography. His photographic style is inherently influenced by photo-journalism, with a love of genuine emotion and untouched, moments of humanity and expression. The aesthetics of his photographs are informed from years as a musician, a love of the ocean, an appreciation for a wabi-sabi outlook on life, and a love of strong colouring. If you are looking for a Seoul photographer, you can view his portfolio here, view his recent work here, or get in contact with him here.