Anna April 10, 2018 / Portrait These images are from a portrait session that the lovely Anna and I shot together at Studio Leon here in Seoul, in the early Spring. Seoul has been rather unpredictable of late, particularly with rega... READ MORE Sharon March 28, 2018 / Portrait Living here in Seoul, working with people from all around the world is half the fun of living such a vibrant city. These images are from a series of sets with Sharon shot at Noho and at Seoul Moon Stu... READ MORE The Last Of Winter – A Photo Essay March 11, 2018 / Essay Winter is not a season I care for. It's unpleasant. It's too long, especially here in Seoul. But with Spring just around the corner, I wanted to capture the last breath of winter. I typically only pos... READ MORE Dani March 1, 2018 / Portrait The winter is on the wane in Seoul, Korea. With the freezing temperatures mostly gone, what remains is the amazing winter light. The light in Seoul is quite special during the winter, and is very unli... READ MORE Maria February 14, 2018 / Portrait As a photographer, one of the best parts about living and working in Seoul is that you get to meet people from all over the world. The quote is from one of my favourite authors. I enjoy these portrait... READ MORE Thought, Deliberation & Connection January 20, 2018 / Personal The more there is of something, the less it's value. This sentence applies universally to almost every aspect of capitalist society. In the digital age of Instagram, Snap Chat and Facebook, our lives ... READ MORE The Winter Waters January 13, 2018 / Essay A photo essay, inspired by bleakness of the Korean winter, and mists and mystery of Tong-Yeong and Goeje's, on Korea's southern coast. Thanks for looking - T The Winter Waters - A Photo Essay ... READ MORE Oh hi, 2018 January 5, 2018 / Personal And just like that, it's 2018 here in Seoul, South Korea, the land of morning calm. As a photographer, the plan this year is to blog more regularly, not just to post work that I do, or trips I take, b... READ MORE Jin & Tonic November 21, 2017 / Mini Session For this Seoul mini session, we decided that the lovely Yangjae Citizens Forest would be a wonderful setting for the images. In these last days of Autumn, I met up with the director of the documentary... READ MORE These Places We Dream Of – A Photo Essay October 31, 2017 / Essay A photo essay, inspired by the incoming winter here in Seoul, made of images from the winter in Cape Town, South Africa. I come from the Southern Hemisphere, where winters are mild and nothing like th... READ MORE


tim van der merwe is based in seoul, south korea. the aesthetics of his photographs are drawn from years as a musician, an appreciation for a wabi-sabi outlook on life, and colouring that reflects the atlantic, who’s coast he grew up near.  his photographic style is inherently influenced by photo-journalism, with a love of untouched moments of humanity and connection.