Rowena January 10, 2019 / Portrait These images are from a portrait session with Rowena, taken toward the end of last year. Form and shape formed the basis of these pictures. We had planned for more afternoon light, but the short days ... READ MORE A Reflection December 10, 2018 / Portrait reflection, a few thoughts on a pretty wild, yet deeply rewarding year. photo essays inspired by journalist, photographer and friend Ian McNaught-Davis, i borrowed a page from his book. i've used a ... READ MORE The Eastern Reaches – A Photo Essay October 26, 2018 / Essay A photo essay from the eastern most part of South Korea. Ulleungdo, a small island 160 km's off the coast.   The Eastern Reaches A photo essay from Ulleungdo, South Korea ... READ MORE Rio October 25, 2018 / Portrait These were taken early in the summer at Seoul Forest, before the heat, the humidity and the rain came. Summer is still the queen of seasons. Rio in the Seoul Summer   ... READ MORE Veronika October 22, 2018 / Portrait From earlier in the year, when the weather was warmer and Summer was just a promise waiting in the wind. Veronika A portrait session About Seoul photographer... READ MORE Ten Seconds in Kuala Lumpur – A Photo Essay September 12, 2018 / Essay This is a brief photo essay from Malaysia, ten photographs from a whirlwind trip. As always, thanks for stopping by. Ten Seconds in Kuala Lumpur - A photo essay   ... READ MORE Summer Mini Sessions July 21, 2018 / Mini Session Summer Mini Sessions here in Seoul, Portrait Photography for those on the move. What are Summer Mini Sessions? Basically, my mini sessions are portrait photography, focused and compacted into a bite... READ MORE Josh June 28, 2018 / Portrait The Dongdaemun Design Plaza, or the DDP for short, is a fixture on every tourist's visit to Seoul. More than that however, you'll find all measure of photographs captured here. The DDP serves as the l... READ MORE Sue May 24, 2018 / Portrait These photographs are from a portrait set that Sue and I created together at the end of April. In our meeting before the shoot, we spoke a lot about art, and the creative process, and it was good for ... READ MORE Celeste May 11, 2018 / Mini Session Photography, photographer, model, collaborator. Artist, art. These two words are some that I feel I want to encapsulate my work, and the work I do with others. I've come to feel quite strongly in the ... READ MORE

About Seoul photographer Tim Van Der Merwe

Seoul photographer Tim Van Der Merwe services Seoul and her greater area, with a primary focus on portraiture, couple and pre-wedding photography. His photographic style is inherently influenced by photo-journalism, with a love of genuine emotion and untouched, moments of humanity and expression. The aesthetics of his photographs are informed from years as a musician, a love of the ocean, an appreciation for a wabi-sabi outlook on life, and a love of strong colouring. If you are looking for a Seoul photographer, you can view his portfolio here, view his recent work here, or get in contact with him here.