i don’t really like writing about myself, or how i shoot or what i use, as i suspect that what works for me, will not work for many others. as the saying goes, there are a thousand ways to skin a cat (personally, i’m fully on board with this practice – cats are snobby) and it’s the same with any form of expression. but after a conversation with a friend on friday night, i figured i’d put a few of my thoughts onto paper about what i use, and why i have or haven’t changed things around gear wise.

full frame camera body

i shoot with a nikon d750, a lovely-yet-flawed little beast. i started out on mirrorless before it became the big buzzword it is now, and have often considered switching back from dslr, especially with canon and nikon entering the game. but the simple truth is that the d750 is only marginally larger or heavier than the nearest full frame-mirrorless camera, and it still has top tier image quality and auto-focus. sure, it sucks at video, but so do i. i’ve had this camera for four years, and it is an old friend where the only limits i find are on my own creativity. yes, it’s not perfect, but no camera is.

if you’re looking at getting yourself a camera, i’d encourage you to look at the overall system you’re buying into, and look past the marketing hype (it’s all very good, and it’s meant to make you feel that you need the latest and the greatest).

those lenses

i’ve had many different lenses, but i believe strictly in simplicity: if it isn’t getting used, it’s getting sold. i shoot with the nikkor 58g and the 28e, both are incredibly beautiful. i’ve owned the 24.8g, the 35art and the 85.8g, but nothing has matched the way i like to work and what i’m looking for in my lenses like these two. the 24.8g is a wonderful, light performer which i would highly recommend. the 35art is super sharp, as well as the 85.8g, and all are very afforadble. but ultimately, the 58g stopped me ever reaching for the 85, and the 24 stopped me reaching for the 35, so all were sold and replaced with the 28e, which is an amazing partner for the 58g. i have a little nikkor 50.8d that i broke and use for freelensing (thanks to sam hurd – his patreon is incredible, as are his photographs).

*update: i added the nikkor 105mm 1.4e to my lens bag in the summer.

the little camera that could

i have a little mirrorless, the fuji x100f, which is one of my favourite cameras ever. i take it everywhere with me. the image quality and just the general enjoyment factor that i have when using it is awesome. it’s a poor man’s leica, but i love it.

for the love of all things analog

analog wise, i’m still using my nikon f100 and i leave the cheap nikon 50.8d attached at all times. and i still use the olympus om2, along with a 50 and 24 that i was given by an old coworker back in 2014. that’s also where my camera strap comes from.

when the sun goes down, and other pieces

i mostly use natural light, but i have a yongnuo flash, triggers and led-light, as well as the fstoppers flash disc that meet my needs. i have other modifiers, but i like to be mobile. i also have the peak design capture clip, and the ona union street bag. and a bunch of glass elements and prisms that i use for messing with the light.


lastly, i have a lomo instant automat that i got for my birthday two years ago. it’s a kiff little camera.

nikon d750,
nikon f100,
fujifilm x100f,
olympus om2,
lomo instant automat

nikkor 28mm f1.4e,
nikkor 58mm f1.4g,
nikkor 105mm f1.4e
nikkor 50mm f1.8d (x2 – one broken for freelensing),
g.zuiko 50mm f1.4,
h.zuiko 24mm f2.8

yonguo yn560iv,
yongnuo yn300ii,
yongnuo rf603nii x2,
fstoppers flash-disc

ona union street,
peak design capture clip