reflection, a few thoughts on a pretty wild, yet deeply rewarding year.

photo essays

inspired by journalist, photographer and friend Ian McNaught-Davis, i borrowed a page from his book. i’ve used a photo essay structure this year as a framing device for my personal photographs. i started the year with the winter waters, and published a few, my favourite being the eastern reaches. i still need to work on the format, and i really want a stronger narrative element, but i’d encourage anyone reading this to soak your photographs in context. particularly in light of the way in which we burn through images on social media, a one shot drop for a few hundred likes, a stronger narrative component may bring more depth to our photography.


my composition and colouring has the shoreline of cape town, and the atlantic i grew up near buried in it’s heart. i love the imperfection of 35mm analog film, and have sought to bring a more tangible reality to my digital photographs. matt healey of the 1975 put me onto the japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi a few years back, and it’s something i want to see more of in my photography and music, a bit more honest imperfection.


this year collaboration has produced some of my favourite images, and enabled me to connect with so many others who value art and care about their craft. client work is wonderful, and i love those who entrust me to make their photographs. but working with those of similar-mind to create photographs purely for the enjoyment of the process has brought so much this year. new friendships, artistic connections, and naturally, some of my favourite photographs to date.

a shout out

i’d just love to point you in the direction of some fellow south african photographers over here who’s work i enjoy immensely, lorryn smit and marco devon.

most importantly

i’m immensely grateful to my ever supportive wife, who endures my photographic chatter, and is always quick to encourage me when she likes my work, and challenge me when she thinks i can do better. without her trust and support, i would be half the dreamer, half the person that i am.

finally, a selection of frames

Seoul Photographer Tim Van Der Merwe

Ulleungdo, South Korea

thanks for taking the time. have a lekker holiday and catch you in the new year. – T